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AGROPET is a 100% polyester monofilament (PET) ideal for constructing vineyards, orchards, greenhouses, anti hail and wind resistant nets, safety fences for breeding - a good replacement of iron wire or nylon - that offers the following advantages compared to traditional materials:


• is 6 times lighter than steel wire, easy to handle, faster installation than steel wire

• Once installed, it maintains its initial tension due to its low elongation factor

• it’s not damaged by exposure to light and remains unchanged in the cold winter or hot summer

• does not overheat and therefore does not damage the plastic greenhouses and plastic covers and does not harm the plants due to frost

• does not oxidize, does not corrode, resistant to chemicals and fertilizers

• 2-3 times longer than wire

• it doesn’t injure the animals and doesn’t harm plants

• does not conduct electricity

• stretches less and absorbs less water and humidity than nylon thread

• for proper installation we suggest to tension the PET wire between 1% and 1.5% (1-1.5 meters every 100 meters).

Together with the polyester monofilament GRUPPO DP is able to provide its customers with the plastic accessories necessary to ensure the optimum installation.