Company Profile

GRUPPO DP, founded in 1973, is the leading Italian company worldwide in the sector of monofilaments and synthetic fibres for technical applications, strongly focused on the area of monofilaments for sport and professional fishing.

Thanks to its widespread distribution network its products, destined for the retail market and industrial operators, are marketed in more than 80 countries on five continents.


The company’s current core business is therefore now broken down into the following strategic business areas:  

• Monofilaments and synthetic fibres for sports and professional fishing

• Monofilaments for gardening

• Monofilaments for agricultural use  

• Products for technical applications


In these strategic areas Gruppo DP works: 

• Directly via its own retail brands  

• Indirectly by providing manufacturers with bulk spools


Upon request by specific target operators, the company provides support for developing and making finished products with the client’s brand (OEM).


Gruppo DP's international network provides significant competitive advantages the value of which is transferred to the clientele in terms of:

• Market and product knowledge. With decades of experience in global markets that has allowed it to accumulate extremely in-depth and specific product and market know-how for each geographical area.  This allows the company to assist its clients in selecting specific products for each market and for putting together a marketing and communication plan.

• Logistics. In order to minimise delivery times, Gruppo DP is organised to make deliveries from its head office in Italy as well as some Asian ports.  Since it has a stock of more than 300 tonnes of finished material ready for dispatch, Gruppo DP guarantees its clients incomparable speed in delivery, even for minimum purchase lots that are extremely small

• Technical skill. Thanks to the technical know-how achieved over the decades in business, the company is able to assist its industrial clients in subsequent product manufacturing phases.