GRUPPO DP aims at providing products and services geared to high standards of quality and safety,
applying in the conduct of its business principles of efficacy and effectiveness.

The Company believes that the continuous improvement of its organisation and human and technical resources, of the quality of relations with customers and other persons with whom it deals, as well as of its management of all business procedures, is a fundamental objective to be constantly pursued.

Indeed the Company believes that in contributing through its own work, marked by a sense of responsibility and moral integrity, to the process of development of the economy and civil society, it cannot possibly disregard in the pursuit of its corporate mission an absolute respect of the laws and public regulations and of the principles of fairness, transparency, rectitude, honesty, integrity and good faith.

Gruppo DP S.p.A. holds that reputation and credibility are fundamental corporate assets. In this respect it
works to maintain and develop positive ethical relations with its stakeholders: customers and public authorities, employees, trade union representatives and associates, shareholders and those who make investments connected with the Company’s business, its suppliers and other partners.

Therefore, the conduct of Company business must be guided by ethical principles, as unethical conduct compromises the relations of trust between a company and its stakeholders, fostering negative attitudes and bringing on a climate of hostility towards the firm.