Lines, spools and packaging material for spooling companies

Gruppo DP is able to supply companies that specialise in fishing line spooling a wide range of lines as well as all types of accessory products.

Gruppo DP offers these spooling company clients the possibility of selecting the correct lines for their target market, making use of our specialist technical consultancy where necessary.

The catalogue of lines on bulk spools includes a wide range of:

• Traditional nylon monofilaments

• Fluorocarbon coated nylon monofilaments

• 100% fluorocarbon monofilaments

• Tapered monofilaments

• PE braided lines

Gruppo DP’s lines are available in an extensive palette of standard colours and, even for small purchase batches, customised products can be made in colours matched to the client’s sample.

Where specific technical needs cannot be satisfied by the standard range, Gruppo DP is willing to look at developing new products according to indications provided by the client.

For standard products Gruppo DP guarantees very quick order processing times even for minimum purchase quantities.  In order to guarantee the quickest possible delivery times, deliveries can be made from Italy as well as some Asian ports.

The wide range of lines available from the catalogue and/or upon request allows clients to structure a varied range of products, where necessary, varying from an entry-level, low cost product the top of the range model with exceptional technological characteristics.

In addition to lines Gruppo DP offers its spooling company clients the possibility of buying all the accessory components required to complete the production process from a single supplier, such as:

• Spools for traditional spooling.

• Specific reels for parallel spire spooling.

• PVC and PET boxes both neutral transparent and colour printed.

• Cardboard boxes both neutral and colour printed.

• Self-adhesive labels in paper, polypropylene, and metal.

• Packing boxes.

In order to provide for particular needs in terms of image, Gruppo DP is also open to looking at making any type of spools, labels, and packaging, in any material, even to the client’s design.

In order to be able to provide our clients with a complete service, Gruppo DP has also set up an in-house graphics department to design and create logos, trademarks, advertising graphics, and multi-language brochures.

When requested by the client Gruppo DP can assist the company from a technical production point of view as well, providing consultancy both when buying machinery and when starting up production.