Fishing Lines for private brands (OEM)

Based on its experience with managing its own brands, for years now Gruppo DP has been set up to satisfy the needs of clients that need to purchase products made using their own commercial brand (OEM).

Gruppo DP offers these operators the possibility of selecting the correct monofilament for their target market, available in a large range of qualities and colours, making use of our specialist technical consultancy where necessary.

The wide range of fishing lines available from the catalogue allows clients to structure a varied range of products, where necessary, varying from an entry-level, low cost product to the top of the range model with exceptional technological characteristics.

Where specific technical needs cannot be satisfied by the standard range of monofilaments, Gruppo DP is open to evaluating development of particular quality standards or colour variations.

The service offered by Gruppo DP also includes the possibility of choosing the spool and packaging material (labels, blister packs, cardboard boxes and pvc) from a wide range of standard items.

In order to provide for particular needs in terms of image, Gruppo DP is also open to looking at making any type of spools, labels, and packaging, in any material, even to the client’s design.

In order to be able to provide our clients with a complete service, Gruppo DP has also set up an in-house graphics department to design and create logos, trademarks, advertising graphics, and multi-language brochures.