With the strength of its technical and commercial know-how when it comes to global markets, as the crowning event for a joint venture that started in 1988, the GRUPPO DP has seen to manufacturing and distributing a selection of monofilaments extruded by Toray Industries Inc and marketed under the Toray brand on the European markets.

Toray Industries Inc is the leading nylon monofilaments producer in Japan, having started production in 1941. It added fluoro carbon production in 1985.

Today Toray International Inc is the largest supplier of monofilaments fishing lines in Japan, offering nylon, Fluoro Carbon, and braided versions.

The philosophy behind each of our products is a balance of technical characteristics to allow better catching. Making monofilaments stronger is not the right solution. Toray develops its monofilaments by carefully weighing up a balance between softness, memory, sensitivity, and durability, and then adds specific characteristics to each product making it unique.

For example, knot resistance is not only tested in the laboratory. Toray tests its fishing lines with various knots (e.g. swivel, hook knots, and monofilament to monofilament knots) in order to achieve results that are suitable for fishing situations.

Also professional field testers test the monofilament in various fishing disciplines and Toray’s technical team develops the products as the result of a repeated series of continuous improvements before putting them on the market.

Katsutaka Imae: Reigning bass fishing champion, Katsutaka Imae has won many major titles at Japan Bass Professional Association Tournament(JB), which is the largest tournament in Japan. Toray International, Inc. has been officially sponsoring him for Fishing Line since 1990.