Soft Blade Trimmer Line is made of the best 100% virgin raw materials in a state-of-the-art production facility to offer:


-       long lasting cutting and extra durability

-       super weld-resistance performance

-       ultimate impact strength

-       minimum line split and frays


Each type of vegetation is different, therefore Gruppo DP has developed Soft Blade products range considering multiple uses, varying profile and raw material to ensure the best performance in every situation.

 The Soft Blade range features two high-tech and innovative top performance products (Aluminium Powder and Anti Weld) and five professional products varying in colour, profile and packaging to ensure the right performance in every situation.


    Top Performance


Aluminium Powder

A nylon monofilament enriched by an extra fine aluminium powder, which increases its cutting power and resistance. Unlike traditional aluminium flakes enriched filaments, the usage of small particles preserves the integrity of the monofilament’s structure, ensuring optimal yield and durability.

Anti Weld


High quality nylon monofilament coated with a special anti adherent that protects and optimises its durability when used with trimmers with high rotation speed heads. It is a monofilament specifically produced to withstand the high temperatures which develop in the heads over 6000 rpm.




Round - Long Durability


Round-shaped nylon monofilament. This traditional profile allows the product to wear out less, ensuring a long durability.


Diamond - Extra Cutting Power


Diamond-shaped monofilament. Its profile gives the product an outstanding cutting power.


Star - Clean Cutting


The star-shaped profile makes the product extremely fast and allows an extraordinary precision cutting.


Square - Heavy Vegetation


The square profile makes the product very suitable in case of heavy vegetation: shrubs, bushes, twigs, rocks and other obstacles that may abrade the product.


Helicoidal - Silent


The shape of this profile makes the product more silent than traditional monofilaments, all to the advantage of the comfort and safety of use.